Jazz and the musicians that play it have a long, colorful history worth celebrating.  That’s why the Smithsonian took it upon itself to keep the legend alive by creating custom lapel pins in anticipation of Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) which takes place during the month of April.  The museum also encourages others to create special programs that focus on Jazz during the month.  This allows people unfamiliar with this style of music to experience it on a personal level.  It also gives modern and classic musicians the recognition that they deserve for the talent that they share with the world.

JAM was started because there was a need to stimulate the current jazz scene.  Organizers want people of all ages to participate in programs and special events centered on this exciting style of music.  The Smithsonian’s website states that there are a number of ways to do just that.  Some suggestions include studying the music, attending concerts, listening to jazz on radios and recordings, reading books about jazz, and supporting institutional jazz programs.

The custom pins created for this year’s events deliver a simple but meaningful message.  “Celebrate Jazz” is written on each pin.  An image of musician is also included in the design making the custom made lapel pins classic and appropriate for people of all ages.  The square shape adds dimension and attractiveness to the Smithsonian’s JAM pins.

A popular way to shed light on a cause or initiative, awareness lapel pins are being introduced into programs around the world.  They are used to gather support on a variety of issues and are effective tools for soliciting donations, recruiting volunteers, rewarding employees, and changing the way in which people see the world around them.  Small but meaningful, lapel pins are a very effective form of advertising.

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