No July 4th celebration could be complete without a symbol of patriotism.  Lapel pins featuring images of the American Flag, Bald Eagle, Liberty Bell, Stars and Stripes, and the Statue of Liberty are very fitting for corporate picnics, family get-togethers, and summer baseball and softball games.  Customizing a familiar design and adding details about your business, organization or sports team is a very successful way to grab and keep the public’s attention.

People are drawn to symbols of patriotism.  Engrained in our society, images of the American Flag or Bald Eagle conjure up feelings of pride and determination.  Custom lapel pins serve as a way to honor those who are actively protecting our country’s freedom. They also represent those individuals who are retired from the military or who have lost their lives in combat.

Stars and stripes and the colors red, white, and blue have been adopted by businesses and organizations worldwide as a way of paying tribute to past and present members of the military and their families.  A powerful testimony of one’s love for the United States of America, these images can be featured on a custom lapel pin along with your unique logo, motto or mascot.

Custom lapel pins can be used to promote a new product, advertise an upcoming Fourth of July fundraiser or barbecue or be used as a declaration of faith and hope for the war efforts.  Patriotic pins make a memorable keepsake by serving as a fun reminder of past events.  People often wear these items to parades, conferences, and political rallies.

Creating a custom lapel pin featuring a patriotic symbol is easy.  First, you must consider the purpose of the lapel pins.  Are you having a family reunion on July 4th and want to give each member who attends something to remind them of their experience? Next, you must decide what type of lapel pin best fits the theme of your event.  Are you looking for something with style and appeal?  Does cloisonné seem more fitting than soft enamel?  After determining this, you can think about which design elements are essential for your patriotic pins?  Will the standard American Flag do or are you looking for something more modern or edgier?  Last but not least, you will need to contact All About Pins concerning any questions you might have about ordering American Flag lapel pins or other patriotic pins.

Custom lapel pins are incredibly effective and memorable products that you can hand out on July 4th or any other time of year.  Customers, team players, and family members appreciate the functionality and message that patriotic lapel pins carry.

Amanda Knight knows a thing or two about Lapel Pins. As Manager of All About Pins, she works directly with businesses and organizations to design custom lapel pins that exceed her customer’s expectations.