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With summer fast approaching, towns and counties across the nation are gearing up for their annual fairs, festivals, and parades.  Custom lapel pins are the perfect way to show appreciation to those who have volunteered in the organizing and planning of the event or the officials that are the hosts of the annual festivities.

How the Jackson County Rose Festival Used Their Custom Pins

The Jackson County Rose Festival created a lapel pin for its officials and volunteers as part of their annual event.  This festival has pageants and a large parade as well as a craft show.  It draws in a large number of visitors to Michigan each year.  The design for the event was based off the customer’s unique idea.  Our talented team of artists were able to come up with a lapel pin that reflected the goal of the festival which is to provide a “celebration for local organizations to honor and reward individuals and groups”.

Conveying the Theme of the Festival Through the Use of Color and Design

The pins can be customized in a way that reflects the theme of the festival with many colors and designs or you can simply use the city or county seal with the name of the event and year.  Details like these make the pins useful and collectible.  People wanting a reminder of the past can look at the item that they’re wearing and see its relevance.

Creating a Collector’s Item Each and Every Year

Annual festival pins can be treated as collector’s items for those participating in the parade or festival.  This encourages participation and commitment each year which is essential for the success of any community event.  People travel long distances to be a part of the fun.  They love having a souvenir to take home with their each and every year.  That’s why it’s important to have a different design annually.

To learn more about festival lapel pins or how you can honor your committee or volunteers, visit  You can also email or call toll-free 1-866-604-9462.