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Insert cards can be purchased with any challenge coin order and can easily fit into a standard plastic coin pouch or envelope which comes free of charge with every order or velvet bag.  In addition to being a great way to display information about your business or cause, they also make a classy presentation option.

Advertising Using a Customized Insert Card

Getting the word out about your business or organization takes time and effort.  Why overexert yourself when you can easily use custom insert cards to do the work for you?  Created in a way that highlights your business, these small pieces of advertising can help win over new customers.  It can also help you retain the customers that you already have.

Using One Side or Both Sides of the Card

Because the cards are double sided, you have the option to print one one side or both side.  This gives you the opportunity to really explain to your customers what your company is all about.  You can briefly discuss its mission as well as its commitment to service.  You can even use the card to say, “Thank You!” to your best customers for their loyalty.
You can also use insert cards for:

  • Business Cards
  • Vouchers, Redemptions, and Coupons
  • A Printing of the Fireman’s Prayer
  • Military Creeds
  • Mission Statements

Customization Options That Meet Customer Specifications

If you want to personalize the inserts with text, we are more than happy to accommodate that request.  Having a meaningful message included with your challenge coins is one way to make a great impression on your customers.  This will help you when it comes to referrals as well.  People will be so pleased with your generosity that they’ll want to tell their friends and family members about their experience with you.  This helps you gain the trust of new customers.

Going the extra mile to appeal to others is a smart business move.  It requires minimum investment and has positive results.  So, the next time you want to make a great impression on your customers, consider ordering custom inserts along with custom challenge coins.  You’ll be pleased with all the business they will bring to you and that’s a fact.