We created a really special custom challenge coins for Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.  This year marks the theme park’s 21st Halloween event. To celebrate the theme of 21, Universal Studios chose to use an Ace of Spades from a deck of playing cards as a logo for this year. This image tied in with the theme because get a hand value of “21” with two cards, you need an Ace.

Themed challenge coins are a big part of corporate events.  This helps further brand recognition by being something people grow to associate with a business.  Promotional products like challenge coins are very effective tools for this reason.  They grab people’s attention and people hold onto them for long periods of time.

Custom Challenge Coins Recognize VIP Guests

The challenge coin is given to special guests and VIPs. One event where coins were distributed was the recent Tweetup that gave access to Q&A sessions with staff as well as tours and special packages that gave early access to the Halloween Horror Nights itself.  This exclusive event took place on September 15th, 2011.

Special Events Made Even Better By Challenge Coins

Custom coins are fantastic for promoting special events such as the annual Halloween Horror Nights.  They can be created to fit your theme or continue branding your name due to their custom nature.  Challenge coins are a seamless addition to your promotional materials.  They are easy to transport from one location to the next and draw attention wherever they go.

Memorable Thank You Gifts for Guests

Challenge coins are great way to award loyal followers and to keep them coming back for more.  They also make a great thank you gifts for guests.  That’s because they’re unique and memorable.  Custom coins also last a long time which make them the ideal gift to give to special guests and VIPs.

See for yourself how custom challenge coins make a favorable impression on your customers and guests.  Visit http://www.allaboutchallengecoins.com, email info@allaboutchallengecoins.com or call 1-866-604-9462 toll-free.