Hurricane Awareness Week is May 23rd through the 29th and the first day of Hurricane Season is June 1st. Custom lapel pins help teachers, rescuers, and businesses deliver messages concerning safety measures and emergency preparedness.  The pins can be used in classrooms and corporate settings as an educational and promotional tool.

Here are some of the ways that All About Pins have seen them used:

  • In place of pushpins for Hurricane tracking maps.  Schools and classrooms can customize their designs with an image of their mascot or teacher and highlight key areas of the pins with glitter or blinking lights.
  • As a way to identify emergency personnel.  Police officers, firefighters, and medical rescuers wear their pins in a highly visible location as a way of assisting the public in times of peril.
  • To warn people of the potential danger of Hurricanes.  Hail, storm surges, flooding, and tornadoes require different levels of preparation.  Businesses and organizations can include the pins with literature at preparedness events.

Hurricanes can wreak havoc on a person’s home or business.  Taking the precautionary measures recommended by experts can help people walk away from a big storm unscathed.  Custom lapel pins serve as reminders to individuals in states and countries that are affected by this type of weather phenomena.  Despite the products’ small size, its effectiveness is undisputed.