Custom lapel pins have many uses in car dealerships across America.  In addition to rewarding exemplary employees for a job well done, these small tokens of appreciation add to the success of a business by promoting a favorable image of its employees.  Customers that see the salespeople and their belief in the product that they are selling speak volumes for the quality of the automobile as well as the company that manufacturers it.

“I love my…” pins are perfect gifts to customers and in Carlsen’s case a great memento for the car shows they host annually.  These small giveaway items help advertise the dealership.  In addition to being attractive and meaningful, they are also portable.  People wearing the pins can travel to different locations and reach a greater customer base rather quickly.  This helps companies like Carlsen Volvo put itself on the map and keep itself in the minds of potential buyers.

Custom lapel pins increase business.  They make customers feel valued.  When it comes time to buy a second vehicle, they remember the personalized experience and service that they received when visiting a particular dealership.  They also use their custom lapel pins to refer their family members and friends.  Asked where they purchased their vehicles, they are the first to tell them it was at a dealership like Carlsen Volvo.

Dealership pins can be any size, shape, style, and color.  They can be round or square or cut to shape a logo or image.  For example, a customer chooses to use a photograph or image of a car on his or her custom pins.  He or she can request that the pin be shaped like a car.  This helps draw interest in the pins by making them easily recognizable from a distance.

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